The Getting Back to Basics Gardening School


Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday


8:30 AM-12:30 PM. 

* We do not offer extended care options.

Development Through Gardening

Gardening with young children develops their fine motor skills and gives them a learning opportunity that engages all five senses! Your child will enjoy every fall and spring in the garden and all the different responsibilities that come with it.

Meredith Mitchell

Meredith Mitchell is a certified teacher, with a Masters in Education from Pepperdine University. She opened Keet Sweet Preschool in the fall of 2012, and expanded with a newly built kindergarten that opened in 2014. Keet Sweet was the name of her maternal grandmother, and she named her school in her honor. The artwork you see of the little girl with black hair in a field of daisies was Granny Keet’s self portrait. She was an incredible artist and more of her art can be seen decorating the walls of the preschool.

Education & Credentials

  • B.A. in Liberal Arts
    Pepperdine University
  • M.A. in Education
    Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Pepperdine University

About the School

Mrs. Mitchell’s goal as the preschool teacher is to help children develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime.  Mrs. Mitchell has created her very own curriculum that shows children getting back to the basics of life is where the heart is.  Each day is unique and students are surrounded with real world applications of letters and numbers. She encourages independence and confidence in all their hard work, and will be their biggest cheerleader when she sees their pride of accomplishment!  Teaching is her passion in life, and she is so thankful for all the families who choose to grow at Keet Sweet. 

Mrs. Amy Blaylock’s goal as the kindergarten teacher is to help students build a strong foundation for reading and writing. Mrs. Blaylock’s love of books is contagious and her beautiful classroom is full of engaging centers and diverse learning techniques that sets every student up for success no matter what their learning style is! She is known throughout the community for her outstanding literature based art classes, and she loves to incorporate art into her curriculum as well. Every week our students are immersed in journaling, mathematics, hands on science activities, geography, world cultures; and of course, daily enlightening classroom discussions from the 5-year-old mind! Mrs. Blaylock encourages each student to think outside the box, to challenge themselves to reach their fullest potential and to become independent, lifelong learners.